Company History

BIZGO, originally eBusiness Solutions, established in 2004, empowers startup, mid-level, nonprofit and enterprise companies worldwide by effectively increasing exposure and ultimately, business revenue. We create a personalized internet presence and a comprehensive e-business solution with a guided step-by-step process by our trained professionals. To engage your current and new customer base, we will analyze your current business practices. If needed, we will modernize your look with innovative logo and branding, create or update a responsive website where screen size adjusts easily for computer, tablet, mobile phone, and include search engine optimization (SEO) to dominate top search engines such as google, bing, yahoo, etc. Then we will create a directly-driven marketing campaign using email, business cards, or postcards, etc. Finally, we will provide continuous and comprehensive business analytics to make sure your business stays on the right track. BIZGO provides comprehensive solutions to more than 20 customers in 2 countries.

Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Giving Back with The Angel Project

We aspire to be recognized and respected as a leading Business Consulting and Marketing Solutions company. We endeavor to achieve this by integrating and collaborating Human Intelligence, Social Networks and Technology to offer cost effective solutions to our customers.

Our vision is to deliver world-class Business Solutions for our customers, achieve continuous improvement and become an employer of choice.

Our Core Values:
Albert Einstein said 'Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value'. As an organization we stand by these words. We are a young organization, hungry for more learning. We believe that knowledge is an unending process of growth. We incessantly expand our horizons as an organization to ensure success for our clients and our employees.
As an organization, we provide added value in everything that we do ranging from exceptional customer-care to services of utmost quality by keeping up an environment of cautious cost-containment. Being a social group, we believe people are the core of our business. As an organization, we stimulate respect for one another through the management of diversity, we honor our commitments to our employees and clients, work co-operatively in the spirit of team work, promote open communication and value individual ability and equity. We have adopted a professional attitude with all our transactions with our clients, partners, employees and stake holders. As a company we cultivate and project a professional image of transparency and diligence.
There are set of values that form the basis of who we are:
o Excellence and Commitment
o Honesty, Integrity and Strong Work Ethic
o Mutual Respect and Teamwork
o Caring and Compassionate
o Continuous Improvement
o Giving Back

Giving Back with The Angel Project (
o To assure our company has value, we give back with gratitude to our non-profit giving organization, we make this Pledge
o Changing the world requires giving by us. Angel Project invites everyday individuals and families to commit a greater share of their wealth, work and wisdom to philanthropy…and to engage and give more strategically.
o You can be involved in a movement of conscientious philanthropy by becoming one of many who recognizes your power and responsibility to give back.
o Make a pledge about what you commit to give and do! We'll compile and post your contributions to demonstrate that we all can give back and have a positive impact in people lives, within our communities and across the globe.

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